Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Mail order bike......

I got a new bike! Yes I ordered it on the Internet and Yes I put it together (well dad had to do some tightening when her got here, I was missing a couple tools) I am so excited to go on bike-ventures as I call them. I road it to the gym yesterday, it was so nice, there are so many things in bloom that as you past different yards and fields different smells come to your nose, jasmine, honeysuckle, flowers, grass, parsley in the fields……just the smell of spring around here I guess. I loved it!!!! and today I road down to the coffee shop. It's not built for speed or hills for that matter but it is built for fun!

Fun Find

More plants, I just love looking at this in my yard.

We were in Morro Bay and I noticed these plants, I haven't really seen them before, they were planted around the little downtown. We stumbled upon this little nursery on the bay which had all different kinds for sale. So Mom and I picked out a variety of them to put together and have in my yard. Oh and don't worry one is from Dad which he found broken off on the sidewalk....a piece for him to take home and a piece of me....

This is my favorite........

I find them so interesting and pretty

My Garden.........attempt number two

About the garden............
I wasn't too sure on how to water things are so different here when it comes to weather and the amount of moisture in the air. A guy at work said I needed to water it everyday. “Really,” I say because when I first moved here I killed EVERYTHING I planted because I drowned them. “Look at the farmers,” he says “they have their sprinklers going everyday.” This is true. So every day, I swear, I would sprinkle them with my hose. Well the water just kind of beads up and didn’t really seem to soak in because the soil here is so sandy and we planted the plants on little mounds. Well lets just say my little garden was NOT flourishing. My Mom and Dad came out last weekend. Both were so excited to see how the garden was doing. My dad took one look at it stuck his finger in the soil and says, “KATIE they’re burning up give these things some water!” So there was a couple tomato plant causalities but the rest were saved and planted differently so they could reach the water better. It is true the farmers run they’re sprinklers everyday but for hours not just a couple minutes…..OOPS, everything get a second chance right., Katie’s try at being a green thumb take two!

I will continue to update as it more casualties!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green thumb?

Last august when i first got here we placed zucchini seeds in the ground. And before i knew it they were HUGE! I live in between farm fields and surely the land my house is on used to be a farm field as well so I'm pretty sure green thumb or not anyone could grow something around here. however i like to say its my wonderful gardening abilities that are responsible. So it's that time of year again so when my mom and brock came out we got the garden planted.....
Brock was a big helper...........Lily not so much can't let it interfere with her sunning

ok so it doesn't look like much now............

but believe it or not there are actually lemon cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, jalapenos, and cilantro in there waiting to become big happy plants

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There i got a little caught up on my blog here.. A tragedy happened at my casa. I was very quietly and may i add politely "BORROWING" someone close by's wireless Internet. I wasn't doing them any harm..I don't look at naughty sites or anything. I have been connecting to it the entire time I have been here. Well all of the sudden out of the clear blue BAM ...They change it to secure! The nerve of some people! So now I must go to the coffee shop to do my interneting...who knows maybe this is a sign from the universe and my future extremely good looking boyfriend does his interneting here as well!


Every holiday this year has been SO different than what I am used to but they have all been fun. Easter weekend i went to THE BIG CITY.....LA.......Ahhhhh SCARY! But don't worry I survived the traffic, all the concrete, and yes the people!

Tiff and I went out one night , no star sighting,
I probably would walk right by and not even notice.

Then Easter morning we dyed Easter eggs in the back yard and after went to Radondo beach.

On the Pier you pick out the shellfish you want out of tank. We chose these two fine looking sea creatures




They steam them on the pier, give you a wooden mallet and bon appetite! They were very very yummy

LA is a VERY busy place. I don't think i would choose to live there but am up for a visit anytime!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Red Tool Box


Before I left my dad put together a tool box for me "just in case i needed them" he says. I can not tell you how many time i have opened this box o tool treasures!!!! SERIOUSLY i would be lost at times with out it. I can't show what is in it but i will show the magic it does......

My latest need for it's magical powers is when my landlord finally got us a lawn mower .....

Now....some would be very disappointed to get a lawnmower like this....I could not be happier!!!! I love these kind...we had one in Flag, Jess and Sara may still have it. No gas to worry about, no pull cord which at time i think he-man himself is the only one strong enough to pull those thins hard enough anyhow these push mowers are just my speed! The mower once looked like this

and with the help of the magic red tool box.....TADAAAAAA....

Let the mowing begin!!!!!!!!